Why your work should include elephant topiaries

And fewer WOMBATs.

by: Mary Arnold

According to Michael Bungay Stanier, there are three kinds of work: bad, good and great. Needless to say, we should try to minimize bad work because it is unproductive, wasting money, bandwidth and time (WOMBAT). Senior Partner in Box of Crayons, Toronto, and author of Do More Great Work, Stanier advised his CEO/Executive Team Network audience to hunt down and eliminate WOMBATs.

“Good work,” he continued, “is being productive, getting things done, helping reach your credit union’s goals. But there are a couple flaws to good work.

“The first is that when you’re doing good work, your brain funnels into the unconscious part of your brain, keeping you stuck in a comfortable rut” rather than out pursuing great work. The other challenge with good work is that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never get ahead of it.

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