Work from home presents risk for some staff

Success is often measured in promotions, project leadership, and recognition, but to be successful, one needs to be known.

For years, some members of our staff have lobbied for the flexibility to work from home. I have resisted because I believe a key success factor for our credit union is our ability to relate to one another. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it is valuable for employees to build in-person relationships that foster stronger teamwork.

During the coronavirus epidemic, we adjusted our office to allow employees to perform some credit union work at home. The exigency of the situation called for unconventional adjustments. As a result, the pandemic has prompted more calls for workplace optionality.

I can feel the fingers wagging as some of my colleagues tell me, “I told you so. We can work from home and be just as productive. Smith, your stodgy ways were stifling and unnecessary.”

Not so fast.


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