Would You Have Opened This FSI?

by. Steve Topper

It would be interesting to poll a random sample of today’s young marketers working for banks and credit unions to see how many of them are familiar with FSIs.

I suspect that many of them are unfamiliar with this marketing channel as it’s been relegated to the bottom of the marketing toolbox if it hasn’t already been discarded.

Even during my four-plus decades of bank marketing experience I seldom used FSIs – yet they remain in use today.

One national marketer, in particular, continues using FSIs as I encounter them frequently in my Sunday newspaper.  It’s AARP.

This makes sense given the fact that newspapers, while falling out of favor among a huge portion of the population, continues to be read by a majority of the nation’s baby boomers…including myself.

For those readers not familiar with FSIs, the letters stand for Free Standing Inserts.

No, they are not free.

FSIs are marketing pieces that get inserted into magazines and newspapers after they are printed but before they reach the customer or buyer.

You know those pesky cards that fall out of certain magazines as you page through them – the ones begging you to renew your subscription?  They are free standing inserts.

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