You Need More Than Software For Your Cedit Union Disaster Recovery Plan

by Robin Remines

Go ahead, Google Search “credit union disaster recovery software” and you’ll get page after page of results pointing you to the one that is PERFECT for your credit union. Quite honestly, in my previous days as a credit union IT leader I’m sure I did that too! Well, I hate to break it to you, but the ones that show up first in the search aren’t necessarily the better ones – it just means they have a really good content marketing effort going that puts them in high rankings for searches! And to be realistic, many there are many software solutions available that will do the job if all you want is to get your plan out of the proverbial binders and online.

But NCUA says it’s not enough to have simply automate your plan via a software package. You have to be able to demonstrate you’ve gone past the paper and created a living program with a life cycle which includes annual maintenance and testing. Other things that NCUA will look for are:

  • Evidence of customization to your credit unions’ specific strategies and goals.
  • BIA (Business Impact Analysis) results that reflect your realistic recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Evidence that your entire credit union has “bought in” to their role in sustaining operational goals during a crisis (staff education)
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