Your ATMs and Windows 10: What you need to know

Windows 10 is coming for your ATM!  Sounds like a monster coming for your children.  And it does feel a little like that. When will enough be enough?! You probably already know the answer.  

Windows 7 sunsets in January 2020.  But, that is not a hard date. Many ATMs will be running on Windows 7 after the sunset date.  And there is not much we may be able to do about it. Think back to the EMV migration. How far past the liability dates did we go before getting our new chip cards and chip enabled ATMs into place?

The fact is, before we as credit unions can upgrade our ATMs, the ATM networks must certify to the new Windows software version.  And not one network is certified as of this article. You read that correctly. Not one. And once the networks are certified, they must run testing with all the various processors.  So, each network is in line to get certified for Windows 10. And then each network gets in line for testing with all the processors.

We’ve heard some crazy stories from credit unions recently.  Some have been told by their ATM retailer that they need to buy Windows 10 now because they are running out of the software.  Really? You’re trying to play that trick on us? You can’t run out of software.

You should be making plans now for Windows 10. Many ATMs do not have the processing speed to support the Windows 10 software and will not be capable of an upgrade.  These ATMs will need to be completely replaced. The ATMs that can be upgraded will require significant capital. The range we’ve seen from the major ATM manufacturers is anywhere from $5,000-15,000 to upgrade one ATM.   

With so many ATMs needing to replaced or facing significant upgrade costs, now is the time to review your longer-term plans for your ATM(s).   Make sure you factor in all your costs, vendors & staff involvement. Many of your ATM costs are hidden. The ATM price and maintenance agreement are only two expenses on a long list of ATM costs.  And you can be dealing with 4-6 different companies that are involved in your ATM program. That’s vendor management, contract dates, due diligence and compliance. And your staff is involved in many pieces of the program as well with reg E disputes, forecasting cash usage, etc.

ATMs are a necessary access point for your members.  Your members need easy access to cash during and after your usual branch hours.  However, ATMs are not the credit union’s core competency. Many credit unions are finding new alternatives to managing their ATMs internally.  A credit union can outsource its ATM program. It’s similar to outsourcing your marketing to an ad agency, or outsourcing contract management, HR functions, etc.  The credit union maintains ATM access for members. Yet, it eliminates the hassle of day to day management, compliance concerns and the threat of future upgrade costs like Windows 10.  And your staff can turn it’s focus to the member.

Joe Woods

Joe Woods

Joe Woods, CUDE is a 15-year credit union veteran.  He has spent time with Corporate One FCU, Liberty Enterprises, co-founded Legacy Member Services and was part of the senior management ... Web: Details