Your First Line Of Consumer Defense


After a lifetime of living and working with servicemembers, I know that the young men and women who volunteer to serve this nation are a resourceful group. Self-reliance, tenacity and a single-minded focus on mission accomplishment are all characteristics that make our servicemembers highly effective in training and in combat. Unfortunately, these same traits can leave our servicemembers vulnerable to deceptive and unfair business practices when they try to tackle consumer financial problems by themselves.

Fortunately, they don’t have to handle those problems alone. Our country’s defenders have a first line of defense of their own when it comes to consumer issues.

Today, the first Military Consumer Protection Day (MCPD), we’re joining 26 other federal, state government, and non-profit organizations – including the Department of Defense, the Federal Trade Commission and Military Saves – to highlight free consumer protection resources for military members. These resources can help servicemembers, military families, and veterans guard themselves against consumer fraud and make better-informed decisions when managing and spending their money.

Even though the purpose of MCPD is to help the military community learn about the various laws, agencies, and resources that protect them from financial harm, servicemembers should realize that they are the key to making sure all those resources work effectively.

So, listen up, servicemembers! Here are four ways you can help strengthen your consumer defenses:

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