Your sales should start with content

by. Matt Neznanski

In a saturated media landscape, straight sales pitches are dismissed. But digital tools provide great opportunity to indicate when customers are considering a purchase, and therefore more likely to welcome some help, which you can provide in the form of quality, relevant content.

At brass Media, we believe an informed customer is a better customer: they are more likely to repay loans because they see how borrowing fits into their broader budget; they are more confident in asking about additional products to achieve their goals; and they make decisions that are best suited to the life they want to live. So let’s start working on the best way to inform your customers.

Know your platform

To start, you should to have the ability to position content in the appropriate location to reach your customer. Consider the audience’s perspective always and you’ll go a long way. Organizing your content around life stages or common pain points orients your information to your customer’s viewpoint and helps to build trust.

It’s best to have the ability to place content within your website directly. If not, a blog can work, as long as you promote it well and provide plenty of value to the customer. Don’t forget that content is consumed on a broad range of devices. Think of your own experiences and how little patience you have for slow-loading or unfulfilling sites. Test your own platforms and be brutally honest.

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