10 reasons why experiences trump having more stuff

Achieving financial independence and being smart with your money is all about making sacrifices.  Most of us aren’t millionaires so we know that we have to prioritize certain needs and wants.  What one person prioritizes though might be completely different than another person.  Living life to its fullest can get expensive pretty fast so it’s important to know how to spend your money wisely.

Some of us enjoy spending money on nice cars and places to live, others prefer buying the latest electronics and gadgets.  While I definitely like doing all of the above, there’s one thing I cherish more: experiences.  I know it sounds kind of lame to admit that but I’ve had some great experiences traveling the world and even locally here at home.

Here’s a top ten of list of reasons why you should prefer experiences over having more stuff:

1.  A lot of experiences can be free

Think about all the street performances, fairs and so forth that happen every day in your city.  It’s up to you to take advantage of everything your area has to offer.

2.  Stuff doesn’t make you happy

No study that I’m aware of has ever shown that the more things you own, the happier you’ll be.  In fact, I tend to see the opposite.  Minimalism or as I like to call it, getting rid of all your crap, is making a huge comeback these days.

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