3 ideas for preventing disengaged employees

There comes a time in many organizations where employee enthusiasm takes a dip. It could be after a major milestone or achievement where staff feels content and comfortable. Or, it could be due to low office morale caused by a variety of potential factors. Before your staff hits a rough patch and excitement takes a plunge, take these three actions to prevent office disengagement.

Team transparency
Whether you lead a team of 5 or 25, keeping an open line of communication and transparency between you and your employees is critical. Ask your team for their feedback and touch base about what’s working and what’s not. Creating this transparency generates trust and helps staff members feel they not only have a voice, but also that what they communicate is valuable. When you are transparent and communicative, you are opening the door for employee action and enthusiasm by demonstrating your willingness to be approachable and receptive.

Employee empowerment
Every team member regardless of his or her role within the company should feel encouraged and inspired. To create this office culture, leaders must work with their team to create a vision for the company. Once this vision is established, communicate to your team the role each employee will play in making it a reality. When employees understand their value and that they are needed to meet the company goals, they will have a sense of pride that will drive them to succeed. Empowering your team to work together toward a common objective will lead to increased engagement and excitement.

Interesting incentives
You know your team has the potential for success and the tools necessary for strong job performance.  So, don’t lose your trust in their abilities. Sometimes when apathy appears, it’s time to take it to the next level and offer some real office perks. If your company can’t afford to provide monetary incentives, find other ways to get them going. Hold office contests to encourage friendly competition where winners receive a coffee gift card or an afternoon off. Incentives not only promote a more fun work environment, but also demonstrate your desire to maintain a connected and ambitious team.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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