3 ways to pay attention the old fashioned way

My grandfather was a farmer, a community leader and he sang in his church choir. When he was alive, he used to write me long letters. Even as an adult, I will get so excited when I saw one in my post box and I would make coffee, sit in a cozy spot and read them.  With each word I could hear his voice updating me on his adventures with Nanna; the animals on the farm, and his volunteer work.  I loved him deeply and miss him, and one of my regrets is I didn’t keep all those letters.

I still love hand written notes. There is something precious about someone taking the time to write you a note, rather than send an email or a text.

In our busy digital world, sometimes the analogue approach gets more attention and has more impact. Maybe your members need to be reminded they are important to you in this ever changing digital world?

Here are three ways to share old-fashioned attention to get results:

  1. Write thank you notes – no one does this anymore (except Jimmy Fallon). My friend and fellow speaker, Thom Singer does this, imagine how impactful it is for his clients when they receive a hand-written note after he has spoken at their conference. When was the last time you wrote a note to a member or a team member to say thank you, a vendor to thank them for their partnership or a family member to thank them for a memory? Could you carry stamped stationery at your Credit Union to make the most of those small pockets of time? I call this making time in time.
  1. Make a phone call – did you know a phone call is now considered a personal touch! That’s crazy. In the world of tweets, texts and instant message some think it’s quicker and easier to send an electronic communication. When is the last time you called a member to thank them for their business, no sales pitch, no requests, just a thank you? The sound of your voice, the action of investing time to call will make a big impact on them.
  1. Make a date – my goddaughters and I have an annual date to celebrate the holidays, and it involves a show in New York, lunch and of course, shopping. It’s a tradition we keep to create memories. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your time and attention.  Do you have someone you meant to catch up with? A team member you can take to lunch? A potential partner who can help you serve your members? Schedule time to share a meal, host a Skype date or a virtual coffee. I schedule tele-coffees (that’s where you make a coffee and I make a coffee and we talk on the telephone). I do tele-cocktails on Fridays – love those!

Show someone you care this week. A note to a team member praising their work, a call to a board member to thank them for their service and contribution to your Credit Union, a date with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Give someone your attention.

In our distracted, crazy busy worlds people want to know that you see them and you hear them. Show someone they matter to you today by paying attention the old fashioned way.

Love to hear your stories or ideas if you use these strategies and what have been your results…

Neen James

Neen James

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