3 ways to save on preventive healthcare

The turning of the season means the holidays are around the corner. With the cooler weather comes cold and flu season … and doctor bills. To help keep healthcare costs under control, consider taking these three preventive measures for healthier (and cheaper) seasons ahead.

Get your flu shot
Some are skeptical whether getting the flu vaccine is worth the time. The fact is that vaccinating yourself and your family is the best thing you can do to keep healthy during cold and flu season (from around October through March). Vaccines can be found for low cost at local pharmacies and groceries. Additionally, for those without insurance or a primary caregiver, the Department of Health Services can provide information on low cost or free vaccination centers in your area.

Keep clean
This applies to both yourself and your personal space. Whether you’re at work around coworkers or at home with your family, keeping a clean and sanitized environment is key to fighting off the flu bug. Keep sanitizer at your desk, wash your hands frequently, and avoid coming into close contact with others. Giving your health the proper forethought during cold and flu season will help to prevent unnecessary cost associated with trips to urgent care and the doctor’s office.

Understand your plan
Health insurance is one of the most important things we can invest in and maintaining and understanding your coverage is critical to avoiding high medical expenses down the road. The ins and outs of your insurance plan can be quite complex so in order to not be confused about what is available to you and what your family needs, it’s vital to have a strong grasp on important medical insurance terminology. Check out this source for detailed information on various insurance policies available, cost comparisons, and coverage options.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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