3 ways to have COVID-free fun this fall

I’d prefer to spend my Saturdays with 81,500 of my closest friends at Clemson’s Death Valley (THE Death Valley) but due to the ‘Rona, that just ain’t happening. If you’re upset with how COVID has changed your plans this year, don’t fret. Here are three ways you can stay COVID-safe and still enjoy the fall.

Tailgate at home: The cooler weather is starting to creep in and that’s what really makes me miss the college football experience. If you’re feeling the same pain, turn your yard into the ultimate tailgate. Once you’ve set out a spread of delicious food and set your TV up in the driveway, you’ll be ready to enjoy the weather and root on your favorite team. You can even invite your friends or neighbors, just make sure everyone is keeping at a safe distance.

Enjoy Halloween: Your Halloween experience may look a lot different this year, but it’s all good. You can still dress up. You can still eat tons of candy. You can still decorate your yard. Your town may have some restrictions when it comes to the trick-or-treating, but if it’s happening, just be smart about it. Fortunately, one thing we know is that COVID doesn’t transfer well from surfaces, so you shouldn’t worry too much about passing out candy. If you’re going to do it, mask-up and have fun!

Spend time in nature: You may not get to go to your neighbor’s raging Halloween party this year, but who cares about being inside anyway? Fall is great because you’re not sweating after being outside for five minutes. Plus, nature looks way more rad in the fall. Leaves. Have you seen autumn leaves? They’re the coolest. Take a hike in the mountains, ride your bike around town, or just lay in a hammock in your yard. It’ll put you in a good place mentally, and we all know fresh air is good for the soul.

John Pettit

John Pettit

John Pettit is the Managing Editor for CUInsight.com. Web: www.cuinsight.com Details