4 things productive people do better than you

Feeling less than productive? It’s not hard to feel that way from time to time. Here are 4 things productive people do better than you…

They eliminate distractions: In the office, there are a million things that can take your attention away from the task at hand. If you have to make time to hide in the office, do it. Lock your office door and let voice mail pick up your calls if that’s what it’s going to take for you to be able to focus on your work. At the very least, don’t let your email bring you down. You don’t have to read every email the minute it arrives. Set some times throughout the day (before or after breaks works well) and catch up then.

They do dreaded tasks first: Everyone has a task they consider to be their least favorite. If you know what task that is for you, get it out of the way first. Now, you can focus on the things you enjoy doing and you’ll be waaaaay more productive now. And forget about multi-tasking. It’s great that you say you’re good at multi-tasking, but the constant back and forth will lead to distractions, and your productivity will go straight down the drain.

If they think, they act: If you’re thinking about a certain task, now is the time to complete it. Your brain is already in the right frame of mind, so take advantage. You won’t have to force yourself to switch gears and you’ll be done in no time! If certain tasks work great at certain times, remember that and make it routine.

They stay organized: The most productive people don’t have to dig through piles to find things. When you know where something is supposed to be and you can count on it to be there, you’ll see your productivity level shoot through the roof. Organize your life and see the difference it will make.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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