5 bold takeaways from THINK 20 Virtual for thriving beyond COVID-19

On Thursday, May 7th, CO-OP hosted the first-ever THINK 20 Virtual – an all-digital conference that brought together over 2,000 credit union professionals for six hours of intelligence sharing and strategy building. With keynotes and discussions that covered a variety of topics – from the new consumer financial wellness landscape to effective pandemic response planning and digital transformation – THINK Virtual allowed credit unions to hit pause and ideate on ways to strengthen their business in the wake of COVID-19. As CO-OP Chief Experience Officer, Samantha Paxson, emphatically declared in the conference’s opening keynote: “This is a time for bold action.”

In case you missed it, you can view the event on-demand with registration, here. If you need a shorter overview, we’ve summarized the five boldest takeaways that came out of THINK 20 Virtual:

  1. Credit Unions ARE the Compassionate Banking Alternative

Credit unions are truly rising to the challenge in this time of uncertainty. In an audience poll asking what credit unions are doing in response to COVID-19, the majority (42 percent) answered “Offering cardholder payment relief solutions to members.” In her financial wellness keynote, THINK Virtual host Jean Chatzky cataloged numerous examples of credit unions extending real help to their financial distressed members in the form of: low or 0% interest loans, emergency loans, fee waivers on online transfers, car loans that direct the first few payments toward savings and emails that directed members to useful resources.


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