5 contact center technologies you need for success

Integrating technology into modern contact centers isn’t just a trend, it’s a necessity. For credit unions, leveraging tech is essential for enhancing contact center operations and improving member experiences. The right tech can also ease staff burdens, boost job performance, and increase overall employee satisfaction.

recent study from Future Forum found that investing in technology has a positive impact on employee performance. Their findings showed that tech-enabled workplaces have employees who reported levels of job satisfaction almost three times higher than employees who identify their workplaces as tech “laggards.” Employees of companies that leveraged tech also reported:

  • 6 times higher scores on productivity
  • 2 times higher scores on ability to focus
  • 2 times higher scores on sense of belonging
  • 8 times higher scores on overall satisfaction

Credit unions must ensure they can meet the evolving demands of the digital age by tapping innovation. Explore these crucial technologies your contact center should have to empower your members, improve operations, and stave off negative workplace energy.


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