5 executive insights on the future of the workplace

We had a lively talk with a diversity of opinion about the future of the workplace at this year’s CEOs and Senior Executives Conference. Our panelists had very different ideas about what the past five quarters will (and won’t) change about the workplace. There wasn’t a dull moment in the 45-minute conversation, and I recommend you watch the entire thing!

If you’re pressed for time, I’ve prepared a quick summary. These are just a few of the points that made a big impression on me:

1.  Don’t lose sight of the resilience and flexibility you’ve already demonstrated

One of the interesting themes we heard a few different ways was how smoothly so many credit unions were able to pivot at least some of their workforce to remote settings. So many were able to flip that switch in a single day with minimal disruption to core processes. Organizations feeling tentative about disrupting either their old model or any emergency measures would do well to remember that people can roll with more than one set of changes.


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