5 habits you should break (for your coworkers’ sake)

As you’ve often heard, you spend almost as much time with your work family as you do with your actual family. Like at home, there are little things that happen in the workplace that can really drive you nuts. Unless you like being the one who drives everyone else crazy, here are a few annoying habits you may want to be aware of.

Clicking “reply all”: This may not seem like a big deal, but when someone sends out a mass email, think about your reply before you decide who you need to send it to. If you’re planning a company-wide “potluck” lunch, it might be a good idea to reply all so everyone knows what everyone else is bringing. But if it’s a simple memo, there’s no need to slam everyone’s inbox full of your “thanks for letting me know” reply.

Talking on speakerphone: If you’re working late and the only one in the building, feel free to talk on speakerphone. If there’s anyone else there, don’t even think about. It’s one thing if you’re in your office with the door closed, but unless that’s the case, avoid your speakerphone completely. The only thing more annoying is riding back from lunch, talking through your vehicle’s Bluetooth connection with a car-full of coworkers. Yes. People do this.

Hoarding office supplies: It’s an awful feeling to need a paperclip and not be able to find one. Next time you need some office supplies, take what you need, not what you’ll need over the next few years.

Leaving messes around: Whether it’s a coffee mug in the breakroom sink or some leftovers you left in the fridge back in October, none of your coworkers want to have to deal with any else’s mess. Make it your goal to be cleaner at work than you are at home.

Replace the things you finish: It could be coffee, ice trays, toilet paper, or anything else. Any time you use the last of something in the office, do your best to remember to replace it. Next time you need a jolt of caffeine and you’re lucky enough to find a fresh pot, you’ll appreciate the fact that a coworker didn’t leave you with nothing.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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