5 reasons why your credit union blog is failing (and how to fix it)

Blogs are a vital part of your overall content and SEO strategy. We also know that the benefits of blogging far outweigh the investment. If blogs are able to help drive organic search and social media traffic to your website, help convert those visitors to leads, establish authority on Google AND drive long-term results, it’s really important to figure out why your blog isn’t working for your credit union or bank so that it can be fixed, ASAP.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why Your Credit Union or Bank Blog May Be Failing:

Reason #1: Your blog posts aren’t optimized.

How to fix it: Blogs must be written with your members and customers in mind. Your credit union and bank blog posts should provide answers to your member’s/customer’s most common questions and should include a variety of on-page SEO tactics (including killer meta descriptions) that will help your post rank higher in search engines. All of this will result in more website visitors and leads!


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