5 Steps Towards More Transparent Talent Planning

By Audra August

It’s treated like a covert operation, flawlessly planned and executed – as if it never really happened. Confidential folders holding its contents are protected under lock and key. Faint whispers are overheard by the water coolers. Employees wonder what secrets are being discussed. Leaders hope that employees won’t ask about it. It has become one of the great mysteries of the modern world: the talent planning meeting.

Why all the secrecy?  Doesn’t it feel a little over the top? As leaders, we have an obligation to have honest, thoughtful, and robust talent planning meetings. It’s our opportunity to review our bench strength and discuss the leadership we have for the future. It allows us to take an enterprise view of our talent, create development strategies, and plan for succession. The success of our organization depends on these outcomes. But we often struggle with how to communicate this important work within our organizations.  Poor or non-existent communication not only sets a negative tone culturally, it can be damaging and risky.

Here are 5 steps leaders can take to bring about more transparency with talent planning meetings:

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