5 things you should never do at work

Work etiquette can vary from company to company, as some cultures are more relaxed than others. But there are some things you should never do, no matter how relaxed your workplace is. Here are five things you should never do at work…

Don’t talk about people: Whether it’s a client who comes in a couple of times a year, or a coworker whose office is down the hall, talking about someone behind their back is never a good look. Negative gossip isn’t something you should participate in, much less start.

Don’t show up sick:  It’s a good thing to work hard and be committed, but if you’re a walking bag of germs, stay home. Nobody wants you to pass that junk around. Seriously, if you can work from home feel free to do so but if not, take the day, rest, and get better.

Don’t dress inappropriately: Guys, you don’t have to wear super tight pants. Ladies, you shouldn’t wear skirts that are extremely short or tops that are too low-cut. You’re in a professional setting and you should act like a pro while you’re there.

Don’t microwave fish: There are absolutely zero reasons to bring smelly foods to work. You’re definitely going to ruin someone’s day if you stink up the place. Be mindful of stronger smelling foods and keep in mind that just because something tastes good, it doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to be subjected to it.

Don’t be so loud: Whether you’re on a phone call, talking at the water cooler, or listening to music, you’re just too loud. Turn it down a notch or two and you’ll make everyone in your office a lot happier.


John Pettit

John Pettit

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