6 bad work habits

Everyone has bad habits, it’s part of human nature. These negative behaviors don’t necessarily make you are bad person, but when they happen in the office, it could make you a poor employee. The best way to get ahead at any company is to be more self-aware of your habits and avoid some of the following.


Consistently arriving late for work or returning late from breaks displays an attitude of carelessness. Everyone has busy days or gets caught in traffic, but not making the needed changes to be on time shows disrespect for the social contract of the office place.


There are some who love to work under pressure, who truly believe they can do their best work at the last minute. That may be true in all fairness, but if you are not getting your tasks done until the day they are due, you may not be aware of the impact your habit is having on your co-workers.

Poor communication

Communication is the key to any successful company. Not being able to properly convey your opinions or progress on the task at hand can lead to deadlines being missed and unhappy customers.


Beyond misrepresenting credentials, lying on time sheets, and abusing company funds, there are countless other lies that can disrupt a business. A white lie about your capability to finish an assignment or knowledge about how to use a certain tool can lead to the company having to backtrack. Instead, address it upfront and move forward together.


Being disorganized, talking too much, or wasting time can make you extremely inefficient. Small talk is great, but not if it comes at the cost of work. If you can’t complete someone’s request because you have to “find” something, you may need to rethink your way of doing things.


Social media is a blessing and a burden. It can help raise profit margins and increase product awareness, but it is the number one reason for distracted workers. Unless your job requires the use of these tools, you should only be using them on breaks.