7 marketing trends to boost your brand today!

There’s never a better time to get started with brand messaging than right now. As we look at 2018, there are so many new twists to trends that will help brands explode with engagement. Taking the time to review best practices will pay off this year, and ensure your members will receive your message and act!

Engagement strategies begin and die online. Consistency will keep online activities rolling along. Put effort into serving up the message your members will stop, and take action upon. Many of the trends over the last several years don’t hold the same lead generation panache. It’s a new year, so let’s pull out the stops! Here’s a review of some of lead generation tools making the rounds:

    1. Personalization. Time to get personal. Members want to hear from their credit union on topics that speak directly to their current needs. Don’t blast out an email to everyone on your list about obtaining a first-time mortgage, when you have seasoned members mixed in. This shotgun approach is rarely effective. Deploy a laser focus when messaging with members. Break up the lists and get specific with targeting. Increase member response rate to your messages by being personalized. This includes content on your website. Understand the member is looking for information related to their life’s circumstances.
    2. Authenticity. Be real in your messaging and your appearance. Your members can see through you, so there’s no point in putting up a front. They will appreciate an authentic approach because they will better relate to your credit union. It’ll be easier to form connections.  
    3. Leads. In 2018, it’s all about the lead generation. Competition and getting to the member is key this year. What lead sources is your credit union currently using? Does your online auto platform have built-in lead generation and is your credit union following up? If leads are dying on the vine, opportunity for growth will dry up as well.
    4. Attention grabbing. Are your advertising and online marketing messages getting attention? Stop delivering messages that don’t work, it’s noise pollution. Bad messaging will turn members away. Understand what members want and focus your attention there. For auto buying members, let them know you have all their auto buying needs: Research, shopping, pre-approval, dealer promotions and securing the loan.
    5. Social media platforms. Where is your credit union spending time with members? Don’t just go where you are comfortable. Yes, Facebook is a great producer, but YouTube with video marketing is outpacing every platform. Start making videos and work with your partners. Most have ready to use and customizable videos that are the perfect way to jump start engagement. Don’t stop there, get on Instagram, Twitter and repurpose your messages everywhere. With this being said, understand your membership and use the right social media platforms to connect. If you’re not looking to reach teenagers with your product offering, then don’t waste time on Snapchat.
    6. Content marketing. Marketers need to focus on content. Your members are in your branches, online and everywhere in between. Give them a reason to listen to your messaging, beyond offering rate. Make sure you are producing messages that differentiate your credit union in the marketplace. Doing so will help educate the member of any demographic, on your credit union’s products.
    7. Get going on mobile. Yes, this has been said over and over, but there are still many businesses that are not harnessing the power of being mobile. Having a mobile strategy in place to engage members is vital. Include text messaging to help keep members in the loop when shopping for a new vehicle and getting pre-approved before heading to the dealership.

Where does your credit union want to be in 2018 with engagement strategies? Now is the time to give your brand a voice that will get members excited about doing business with you. Keep your message simple, it’s an over-communicated world. Get right to the meat of the matter. Help members recognize how your credit union stands apart and the right choice begins with you.

Eric Budzinski

Eric Budzinski

Eric Budzinski is the AVP of Marketing for GrooveCar, Inc. He joined the company in 2015 after building a successful foundation in small business sales and marketing.   Eric can be ... Web: www.groovecarinc.com Details