8 Advantages of Introverts

By Matt Monge

In this post, we talked about how introverts sometimes get a bad rap, particularly in the workplace. I think we should take it a step further though.

I think a strong case can be made that not only is it OK to be an introvert or to have introverts on our teams; but just like there are advantages to being a bit more extroverted, there are also certain advantages that introverts have.

But wait, Matt. You’re always rambling on about culture fit. We’re trying to cultivate a positive, creative culture. Does this mean we should compromise our organizations’ values if introversion appears to run contrary to those values?

Well, unless your organizations’ values include a particular decibel level and outward display of a specific type of gregariousness, then it really doesn’t matter if someone’s introverted or extroverted. Both introverts and extroverts can have great attitudes (and bad ones). Both introverts and extroverts can be creative (or not as much). And so on.

So what are those particular advantages that many introverts in the workplace seem to have? What are some of those invaluable things that introverts bring to their teams and organizations?

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