9 Leadership Mistakes That Kill Your Team

By Matt Monge

Humans are imperfect, yes? So it stands to reason that leaders, unless of course they’re not human, are also imperfect. We’ve all got our own version of imperfect too, don’t we? We’re each uniquely imperfect in that we struggle with different things to different degrees.

The crappy part for us as leaders is that our imperfections don’t occur in a vacuum. Since they’re leadership imperfections, they almost always relate to and affect the people we’re privileged to serve and work with.

I hate that.

When we don’t lead as well as we’d like, our teams suffer the consequences. When I make a bad decision, or even a series of bad decisions, it’s not just me that gets dinged. My team also gets drilled. Yours too, right? It’d be nice if we could confine the negative impact of our imperfect–OK, bad–decisions to solely ourselves, but it doesn’t work that way. There’s always collateral damage.

Like, say for example…

1. When leaders allow fear to cripple them or convince them that the best action is inaction, good employees are left in limbo.

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