A Typewriter? Seriously?

by Sean McDonald

Anyone under age 25 who is reading this may not even know what a typewriter looks like let alone what it does and how it works.  But I digress….

A few weeks ago I walked into a credit union as part of my ongoing research into credit union operations.  The very first thing I noticed was the black typewriter sitting at the desk of the receptionist.  Yes, a typewriter.  No joke.  There it was in all of its antiquated ugliness.  I was immediately disappointed.  I wasn’t disappointed that the credit union was still using a typewriter (after all they actually can be useful when updating documents like titles, etc.)  I get that (even though technology has provided us with tools to use that would make the typewriter completely obsolete.) No, I was disappointed that I saw the typewriter.  Not only did I see it….it was the first thing I noticed.  Now imagine how any young professional might feel if a typewriter was the first thing to be seen as they walked into that credit union.  One word comes to mind – old.  If your credit union still uses a typewriter, that’s fine.  But please hide the damn thing!

As credit unions continue to struggle with attracting and retaining younger members (you know…the ones that they need in order to survive long-term,) I often wonder why it is that these same credit unions insist on hanging onto things that are outdated, obsolete, or just plain silly.

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