AI did me dirty

Okay listen, I was getting jealous of all these amazing AI generated professional photos.

I mean some of them caused me to actually say “SLAY” out loud.

…and I don’t “SLAY” easily.

Seeing friend after friend post their amazing AI generated photos caused me to go down a rabbit hole of AI applications.

I finally settled on one that was about $20 dollars for 6 shots.

Step one was to upload 20 photos of myself.


I quickly realized that I have more photos of my dog and my son than I do of anything else.

Which caused me to sit and look at them for a while.

It’s like when you clean your home office or your house and all of the sudden find a box of treasures that unlocks core memories.

You go from Lysol wipes to wearing your old high school jacket, listening to TLC on throwback streaming radio, and tearing up about how good your skin once was.

Anywho, I did all of that before managing to find a few photos that I thought could potentially cultivate lovely AI shots.

Turns out a dream is a wish your heart makes. (Thanks Walt!)

AI did me dirty and in true Nanci fashion, I want to share the horror of it all.

Photo one:

What in the Farrah Faucet is this?

That is all that I have to say about that one.

Photo two:

Who is this?

Am I all of the sudden 60 something and head of the HOA?

What is she doing with my hair?

Why do I have green eyes?

Where did my second comfort chin go?

Photo three:

I apparently smelled something funky here.

Someone also used a sharpie on my eyebrows.

Those are huge earrings and I feel like they may be in my grandma’s jewelry box as we speak.

Photo four:

Arguably the best out of the attempts, but what is happening to the one heavily blushed cheek?

Did I become embarrassed just on that side?

Am I covering a zit?

Did someone slap me?

Do I have gum squares for teeth?

I have questions….

SO many questions.

Now I have seen some AMAZING AI generated headshots and from what I can tell they range in price from app to app.

Some that I see on LinkedIn and otherwise look amazing.

Then you have mine.

What in the photoshopped nightmare happened, AI?

I think when I first started seeing these AI pictures showing up, there was a moment where I thought, boy oh boy things are about to change.

AI is coming for us creative content people.

….and then I got my AI generated photos and was like NOPE.

Not quite yet.

I’m off to ground my teenage son now for finding these way too funny for my personal liking.

Nanci Wilson

Nanci Wilson

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