Applying Machine Learning to Big Data Sets in Consumer Finance

How do I become a leader here?

The contributors cited in this report acknowledge that they may not be ready for the big job tomorrow, but they still want to make progress in the meantime. They want the next rungs to be accessible, and if those rungs are not accessible, they are willing to work until they are.

But the research is more than a description. It provides a step-by-step guide for concerned leaders, HR professionals, or young strivers themselves to build the steps they feel are missing. And rather than focus on wholesale reinvention, it encourages a measured approach that calls for acknowledging and joining existing programs if they are already in place. But above all, the three case studies and checklists encourage action, which is a direct outgrowth of the Cooperative Trust (formerly the Crash Network), which helps up-and-coming credit union leaders focus on action and creation and ways to make their mark.

The author condenses excellent advice into several steps for anyone looking to form a professional development or rising leadership group:

  1. Assess what’s out there. Don’t reinvent the wheel if adding to, or simply joining, an ongoing initiative will do. Also, evaluate the HR and external business environments into which you want to introduce the group.
  2. Establish a goal. Clearly define, in as few statements as possible, what you would like the group to accomplish.

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