Are you driving your career or just along for the ride?

As I travel my own career path, I’ve noticed two types of people traveling alongside me. Those who are driving and those who are in the passenger seat just along for the ride and hoping their career path leads someplace good.

Take initiative

What I have noticed is those that who are driving are the more fulfilled lot. That said, I’m sure there are many of you reading this who may be younger and might be asking, “So how do I get in the driver’s seat, and what does that mean?” To address the latter, what it means is that you don’t just show up and wait to be picked. Instead, set yourself up for opportunities by establishing yourself as the obvious choice and in some cases, asking for opportunities before you are asked. So how do you do that?

First, start with attitude, it’s free! Show up with a positive can-do attitude every day. Second, own it! It’s always you! Don’t say, “That’s not my department.” Instead say, “I can help with that.” I had a mentor once tell me that more responsibility is taken than given. Start owning things and soon everyone will look to you as the expert. It wasn’t that it was assigned to you, but you established yourself as the expert so it’s you! Bang! You just became more integral and key to the organization.


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