Atlas, explained. Is an auto loan worth $10 to you?

by: Molly Jackson, VP of Marketing

In launching the retooled version of Atlas this week, Facebook is positioning itself to take a larger piece of the digital marketing pie, possibly pilfering dollars from the Google Display Network. But wait, what is Atlas? Atlas is the ad server Facebook recently acquired from Microsoft.

The most important take away is that Atlas will leverage Facebook’s relationships with users who are logged in across devices and give us more advanced ability to target than the existing technology Google uses. And greater still, it allows advertisers to do this in the mobile space.

Through Facebook, we will now be able to do something we’ve dreamed of for awhile: deliver messages to a highly targeted audience across any device.

What’s the big deal?

As mobile technology continues to improve more people are using their smart phones and tablets even more every day. We are now way past the early adopters and majority of consumers, even the laggards have broken down and picked up their very own IPhone or Android device. Probably most are further along than my dad who just sent me his very first text message last week!

Basically content is going mobile because every user is going mobile. That means you should be investigating ways to go mobile too. Did you know more searches are now done on our mobile devices than our desktops.

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