Balance and Success

by Anthony Demangone

Last Friday, I shared a wonderful story about Fred Stobaugh.  96 years old, he won a singer/songwriter competition after penning lyrics about his late wife. The story is touching.

Many of you wrote to me on Friday after reading about Fred.  The emails all stated how Fred’s story reminded you about what is important in life.

Tragedy, or suffering a loss, has a way of clarifying priorities.  Fred’s lyrics don’t center on regrets of business deals lost. He doesn’t wish for more hours in the office.  No, he simply wants to live the good times over again with his wife.

Fred’s story can leave you torn. On one hand, you strive to succeed at work.  To make a difference.  To compete in the marketplace and to reach for “better” on a daily basis.

But on the other hand, I’d have to believe that if you ask me in 30 years whether I should have spent more time in the office or with Kate and Briggs, the answer would be predictable. Kate and Briggs would be the answer.

So, where does that leave us?  I wish I knew for sure.

But perhaps we’re simply meant to strive for excellence. Not just at work. But in all that we do.

So be an excellent COO, or EVP, or CEO.  But be an excellent son, brother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin and neighbor as well.

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