Beer, spirits, and credit union marketing

We’ve made mention several times on this page that we’ve been moving dollars away from traditional media with more of a focus on digital marketing. Not because it’s the shiny new toy in marketing land, but because it works. For fewer dollars, we can target on different levels including gender, age, and most importantly for credit unions, geography.

Take Pandora for example. By taking our radio budget and moving it to Pandora we can target a certain age and geographic location. For a credit union who only serves one county, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay for radio ads that reach 12 surrounding counties. And not only that, but the analytics we receive show us what is working and what isn’t. When your CFO says “show me the ROI” you can combine your lending report with the reporting from Pandora and make a solid case for your decisions (or not.) Check out this case study from Pandora featuring one of our clients.

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