Beyond puppies and Pelotons: Give employees a new “distraction”

It has been over a month since the first Stay at Home Orders were issued in the United States. Individuals canceled travel plans, stocked up on provisions, and prepared to shelter in place for the foreseeable future. Credit unions implemented contingency plans, lending programs, and new technology to meet member needs. They deployed remote workstations, raised plexiglass security panels, and bolstered health insurance coverage for employees.

That was week one.

Over the next few weeks, everyone met on Zoom, liquor sales tripled, and people started buying things they had no use for just a month before.

This week, it seems like many of us are settling into a place of stasis: Research found those Zoom calls are exhausting, your new puppy is probably potty trained, and you’ve tried a few options and settled on your favorite Peloton instructor.

What now?

For many people working from home and seeing the same few faces in the same old places day in and day out, our current experience is creating feelings of everything from ennui to loss of purpose. We need more than a virtual Happy Hour to find our sense of belonging at work.

Humanidei, a human capital strategies firm focused on helping credit unions build inclusive cultures, has the privilege of working with clients to identify meaningful engagement points with their teams. There are two ways we have worked to add purpose and connection with credit union team members in this environment:

  1. Add Purpose To Team Meetings
    Staying connected with a frequent cadence is critical to keeping your team engaged, but meeting for the sake of meeting is no more welcome today than it was two months ago. Leadership training programs like “Leading in Today’s Remote Environment” or “Defining Your Why,” have been modified for delivery in 60- or 90-minute remote sessions. These engaging programs provide valuable education and excellent opportunities for your team members to connect in a way that creates fulfillment.
  2. Invest in Individual Coaching and Development
    In the past month, our Executive Search division has observed a surge of prospective candidates curious about making job changes. When one considers the increased uncertainty, a creeping sense of dullness, and more freedom to visit job sites, it is not entirely surprising that people are curious about what else is out there. Remind your employees that you are committed to them for the long-term by using this time to invest in individual development or team building services. Humanidei’s accredited coaching professional offers development options for professionals at every career stage. This service can help individuals find greater fulfillment while helping managers understand how to better engage employees individually and in the context of their teams. In a time when many of your employees may thrive with the opportunity to find more purpose and connection at work, investing in their development creates a strong sense of belonging.

In appreciation of the incredible work credit unions are doing for their communities right now, Humanidei is pleased to offer the remote delivery of these two services at a special rate. To learn more about how your credit union can engage Humanidei in building an inclusive culture and adding purpose for your team members, please contact Include a picture of your new puppy, Peloton, or other interesting item you’ve acquired since quarantine and we’ll discount your services an additional 5%.

Jill Nowacki

Jill Nowacki

Jill Nowacki started her career with credit unions in 2001. She has taken on leadership roles at credit unions and state and national trade associations. Now, she uses her experience ... Web: Details