Beyond the big check: How to engage members around community giving

We’ve all seen the “Big Check” photos. Credit unions commonly post them to their websites and social media accounts to demonstrate their commitment to the community. While these photos are a nice way to show your members that you’re supporting great causes and local nonprofits, are there more engaging and creative ways to highlight your community partnerships?

Ashira Quabili, Marketing Communications & PR Coordinator for Freedom FCU (a PixelSpoke client), joins our podcast this month to talk about the credit union’s award-winning #FreedomToHelpChallenge. This annual social media campaign lifts up local nonprofits, actively engages current members, and helps bring new members into the fold.

Our latest episode of The Remarkable Credit Union tackles this month’s BIG question:

What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for credit unions when it comes to engaging members around their community giving efforts?


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