Beyond the pandemic risk series [Part 1]: Pandemic-related lending portfolio risks

Is your credit union worried about how to handle the uptick in uninsured collateral and delinquencies? Hear how to adopt proactive, borrower-friendly strategies to better predict and manage these pandemic-related portfolio risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • [08:05] The most critical data that you can get your hands on would be any data that would provide you early indicators that there is going to be a delinquency issue.
  • [10:35] One non-negotiable is that credit unions have a monitoring program that allows them to understand your risk exposure at any point in time.  
  • [13:57] Right now we can’t under-score social media; because we all interact virtually, there is a lot of good analytic and trending data that can be provided via social media. As long as you are doing that in a compliant and appropriate manner.


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