Big Ideas… And More Books!

by Anthony Demangone

Hosting a conference is not easy.  It is akin to hosting a party.  The party is for them, not you. So while your guests are having a good time, you’re working hard to make sure that things go smoothly.

That being said, I was able to sneak into a few things at NAFCU’s annual conference.  Here are two highlights.

Kaihan Krippendorff.  He gave a killer keynote yesterday.  How do you out-think the competition? How do you find the hidden solutions to your problems? It was a great talk. I searched the internet, and here’s a talk he gave earlier that hits many of the points he raised yesterday. It is worth your time.  He also has a webpage that has some strategic planning tools that you can find in the bottom left.  (Although it is designed to work with a recent book that he published.)  He spoke of the “4th option,” which I touched on before.

Mary Davis-Holt.  She gave a great workshop for our Women’s Leadership Summit.  Here’s a video showing her giving a similar talk a few years ago.  The talk centered on the need for women to “break their own rules.”  It was a great talk, and I’ll try to remember some of her points when I send Kate off to college some day.

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