Building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce

When building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce, multinationals should consider these seven best practices.

by Ben Cumming, Mark Dowdell, Hannah Johnstone, Gallagher

Global mobility and a work-from-anywhere culture open the door to creative solutions for financial wellbeing, starting with retirement benefits. Helping employees navigate day-to-day financial stressors and build savings over the long term enables them to better meet their retirement goals.

The last few years have underscored the risks of financial fragility and the importance of having finances in order. Globally, 44% of people feel anxious about their financial situation. Fears about the ability to retire contribute to that anxiety, with 3 in 4 feeling unprepared.1

These common concerns raise the demand for financial wellbeing resources that appeal to a global and mobile workforce. As a result, more employers recognize that doing their best to meet employee expectations for multinational benefits can improve talent attraction and retention. A defined global retirement strategy, which includes monitoring and acting on the expected adequacy of retirement savings, helps employers meet those expectations and support employee wellbeing.


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