Buy HR tech in haste and you may suffer remorse

Slowing down to evaluate best-fit technology saves time and money

Streaming. Same-day delivery. Information at our fingertips.

Technology has made instant or fast gratification a fixture of modern life. We expect to get what we want when we want it, with little or no effort. Quick-fix solutions, such as the ability to replace a toaster overnight, have reduced our tolerance for investing time to ensure we get what we truly need — not just what we think we want.

If your toaster dies and you want toast tomorrow, there’s little risk in placing an order for next-day delivery. But when it comes to HR software, impulsive purchases or an unwillingness to invest time to assess your needs, strategize for the future and research products will almost certainly result in buyer’s remorse. But unlike the toaster, your investment in HR technology is substantial and something you’ll have to live with for a while.

Fast gratification leads to HR tech buying mistakes

Avoid these fast gratification mistakes that employers increasingly make when buying new HR technology.


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