Can you buy “like” at your credit union?

In today’s Facebook world, everyone wants consumers to “like” their credit union or bank on Facebook. After all, you often judge your social media success and ROI by the number of members or customers who “like” you on Facebook. So can you buy “like” at your credit union or bank? Hardly.

At least that is the premise behind the book Can’t Buy Me Like by Bob Garfield and Doug Levy. The book hits on a major social media theme today: building authentic customer connections. It’s not about your messages on social media; it’s about authenticity and connections. If you want to improve your financial institution’s social media efforts, then reading Can’t Buy Me Like will give you several ideas how to do so.

Below are some quotes from the book and how we can apply them.

(1) “Simple truth: if you are still selling goods and services by blanketing the world with advertising…you are doing things all wrong.”

Ouch. That puts things pretty bluntly. The authors argue that traditional advertising has gone the way of the Betamax and Yugoslavia. We have to change our marketing efforts because they believe we are in a digital revolution and now living in a relationship era.

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