Celebrate Black History Month with these recommendations from CUES staff

This is what we are reading and watching this month.

It should not surprise you that I love reading. An editor who loves to read? Hardly a shock, right?

As I shared in the February issue of CU Management, I read a lot and each year I set a different reading goal. This goal isn’t about the numbers but the quality of my reading. I am constantly trying to improve the number of truly great books I read each year. To do that, I keep a detailed spreadsheet that tracks several attributes of each book I read, including author demographics. In 2022, I read 122 books, with about 30% by authors of color. My goal this year is to increase that percentage. And to help achieve this goal, I am planning to let the month guide my reading.

To celebrate Black History Month, I have a few books selected across genres (including a romance, a classic, a mystery/thriller and a book of poetry), all by Black authors.

But I’m always looking for more to add to my shelf. So we asked the CUES staff for their recommendations for books, movies and more to consume during Black History Month.


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