Concentrate on the Relationships, not the Technologies

We visited with Charlene Li in San Mateo, California.  Charlene will be our keynote speaker in Ottawa at the World Credit Union Conference on July 16.

Charlene writes about the groundswell of social media and its application in business. Technology has changed how people interact with each other.  Connection of people and business via the internet now is immediate and massive.  The means of business connecting with customers is no longer controlled by business and is no longer business shouting out to the public for their attention.  The nature of people’s access to information and the ability to connect with one another via the internet gives them greater freedom and options to buy elsewhere and to buy from each other.  Customers, rather than business are now in the driver seat.

What does that have to do with us at credit unions?  What is so compelling about Charlene’s message is that, “It is not the technology; it is the relationships”, she repeats, “People have always depended on each other and drawn strength from each other.”

The technology is the medium for people to connect with one another, learn from each other and help each other.  Credit unions have always been about the relationships.  Credit unions exist to help their members.  Social media has always been a useful tool for customer service and brand protection.  Now the challenge is to use social media to deepen what makes credit unions different, the relationship with the members.

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