Content marketing for credit unions: Not as boring as you think!

It can be hard for credit unions, and our financial industry as a whole, when you feel that you aren’t “interesting” enough to produce content to support your online marketing efforts. Sure, the tech, fashion, or entertainment industries have an unending supply of exciting and fun topics at their fingertips. But don’t allow yourself to believe that credit unions are “too boring” for content marketing

When you think content marketing probably the first thing that comes to mind is a blog. And that’s a great way to get started, especially if your content marketing budget is limited. But you should consider other content options that include:

  • videos
  • checklists
  • slideshares
  • infographics

Here are a few steps you can take to shake things up with your credit union content marketing.

Find a Personality (Or a Few)

One way to add interest to your credit union’s content marketing is to to “put a face to name.” Whether   they are writing blog posts or staring in a video series, tap into your employee base to find experts and personalities that your audience can relate to and create a “virtual” relationship with.

It doesn’t have to be someone at the tip-top of your organization. In fact, your members may even respond better to the employees that they see on the front lines when they visit your branches. At Lancaster Red Rose Credit Union, I contribute content to our credit union’s blog, but so does our IT specialist, head teller supervisor and funds transfer manager.

Here’s you chance to have a little fun, crack some jokes and show the world that credit unions aren’t so buttoned-up.


Community 1st Credit Union, which serves Iowa and Missouri, introduced a spokesperson for their Your Voice program, which serves members ages 13-25. She blogs and tweets for the credit union, and is also featured in their educational videos.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

If your content marketing strategy involves pumping out article after article, pages and pages of words, well then I can see where things might seem a little boring. Adding visuals, anything from photos, videos, charts and graphs, not only liven up your content but also return great consumer engagement results. Keep this fact in mind, blog posts with visuals receive 94% more page visits and engagement than those without.

Infographics are a fun way to capture a readers attention and way to present complex information or concepts in a user-friendly manner. In addition, they are highly shareable and can spread your message and your brand to a wider audience.


Here are a few examples of the credit union industry using infographics to present financial tips to their audience.

Get Social

Don’t forget, social media is content too! Facebook is a logical place to start, as it’s a great way to reach your members. But you should also consider branching out to Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest, where you can engage with other credit unions and their employees.

On the Lancaster Red Rose social platforms we do more than just news and event about our credit union. We position ourselves as an authority in the financial field by sharing industry news, financial advice and content from other credit unions around the country.


See how the #1 credit union in the country, Navy Federal Credit Union, stacks up with their social media content strategy.

Here are a few more tips for breathing fresh life into your credit union content marketing:

  • Be consistent with producing content, aiming for adding new content to you site once per week, and interacting socially every day.
  • Don’t always sell or promote. Content marketing is about building relationships with your audience and providing the information and education they are searching for.

Encourage customer engagement with an open commenting section. Provide a call to action for your readers to respond to, and make it a two-way street by responding to all customer comments.

Abby Kiebach

Abby Kiebach

As the CEO of a community credit union serving Lancaster County, PA, Abby is dedicated to maintaining the strength and stability of LRRCU while providing personal member service to all ... Web: Details