COOPER fraud analyzer launches into pilot testing

by CO-OP Financial Services

Like the consumers they target, fraudsters are becoming more digitally-savvy – and this dynamic is creating new security challenges for financial institutions everywhere.

Fraudsters are now employing sophisticated methods and machine learning technology to commit global fraud at a scale of $43.8 billion this year alone. At the same time, fraud mitigation is costing financial institutions almost $3 for every $1 earned in revenue.

To reverse this alarming trend, credit unions need to fight fire with fire – deploying advanced technology to detect new, ever-evolving fraud patterns and trends.

Introducing COOPER Fraud Analyzer

To empower credit unions in the fight against fraud, CO-OP is pleased to announce that COOPER Fraud Analyzer, an advanced data-driven fraud mitigation tool, has launched into pilot testing with four participating credit unions.

COOPER Fraud Analyzer uses advanced rules and decisioning to evaluate transactions based on type, amount, speed and other attributes, and then instantly detect anomalies, such as new account fraud, in-branch teller fraud, and fraudulent check deposits. By quickly identifying questionable activity and reporting it to credit unions, COOPER Fraud Analyzer helps protect account holders and build member trust in their credit union.

“It is CO-OP’s job to make sure that our clients have access to the best technology to combat fraud and protect their members,” said Todd Clark, President/CEO of CO-OP. “We believe the most effective answer lies in developing a machine learning and artificial intelligence solution that we can bring to our credit unions at scale.”

Bringing COOPER to the CO-OP Shared Branch Network

During the pilot testing period, four CO-OP Shared Branch credit unions will put COOPER Fraud Analyzer through the paces, flowing their shared branch account-based transactions through the system. The system will ingest and learn from this data in order to detect fraud and rapidly improve its fraud-fighting algorithms.

Following completion of pilot testing, CO-OP will make COOPER Fraud Analyzer available to the more than 1,800 participating credit unions of CO-OP Shared Branch as a security benefit built into the network.

“The launch of COOPER Fraud Analyzer into client testing marks a major milestone in the evolution of CO-OP as a financial technology provider, and it is particularly significant in that we are first providing this tool to one of the industry’s most valuable assets, the CO-OP Shared Branch network,” added Clark.

In early 2019, CO-OP will also be introducing COOPER Fraud Score, using machine learning to create a risk-scoring model that determines the level of suspicion for a transaction. COOPER Fraud Score will be applied to both account-based, including CO-OP Shared Branch, and card-based CO-OP products.

Looking Beyond Fraud Mitigation

While fraud mitigation will be the initial focus, ultimately COOPER technology will be leveraged to help credit unions better understand their members’ needs and preferences. The platform will draw on volumes of data to create a risk-scoring model as well as help create more engaging experiences for members.

Over the next few months, CO-OP will share the results of the pilot program as well as updates on availability.

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