Cornell: The Prequel: Carpenter is 55 Years Old

by Devin Selte

Only an hour into the CUES CEO Institute II Program at Cornell and I am PUMPED for what we are going to dive into this week.

Here are a few of the teasers:

  1. The Ice Breaker:Our introduction session started off with an ice breaker that included our group being split into two teams. We were given very limited instruction, only knowing that each of us were to be given a small piece of paper with information pertaining to a problem we needed to solve. While we could read our information, we could not show it to anyone, nor write any information down. My key piece: Carpenter is 55 years old.

    Such a great exercise on team building, leadership, and strategic problem solving.

  2. Analogical Problem Solving:To best explain this, let me use the example provided by our facilitator Beta Mannix:

    Suppose you are a doctor faced with a patient who has a malignant tumor in his stomach. It is impossible to operate of the patient, but unless the tumor is destroyed the patient will die. There is a kind of ray that can be used to destroy the tumor. If the rays reach the tumor all at once at a sufficiently high intensity, the tumor will be destroyed. Unfortunately, at this intensity the healthy tissue that the rays pass through on the way to the tumor will also be destroyed. At lower intensities, the rays are harmless to healthy tissue, but they will not affect the tumor, either. What type of procedure might be used to destroy the tumor with the rays and at the same time avoid destroying the healthy tissue?

    Think about that for a couple minutes. What options are available?

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