Creating a better member experience through bill pay integration

Today, mobile technology is a big enabler of a memorable service experience. Beyond the lines of code and the light-speed logic that securely connects members to their credit union lies a completely functional, friction-free and truly helpful member experience.

When Schools Financial Credit Union (Sacramento, Calif.) set out to provide its members with a seamless bill pay experience that would give its members access to the latest tools to create, manage and monitor recurring and one-time payments, e-Bills and payees, it turned to its CUSO partner, PSCU. Schools Financial has been a PSCU Member-Owner since 1996.


Schools Financial was chartered in 1933 by a group of seven teachers. The credit union, which now has more than $1.8 billion in assets and 141,000 members, continues to uphold the foundation and philosophy of the credit union movement of “People Helping People.” With members continuing to expect new products and services, Schools Financial relies on partners like PSCU to provide the latest technology.


Schools Financial had three primary goals:

  1. Provide members with a seamless bill pay experience through its SchoolsOnline℠ online banking solution and in the Schools Mobile Banking apps
  2. Enable a bill pay experience that looks and acts just like its other online and mobile banking tools, including single sign on and real-time financial information
  3. Leverage the power that PSCU’s PayLynx Bill Pay solution had to offer without requiring members to jump through extra hoops


Schools Financial reached out to PSCU to see how it could integrate its PayLynx bill pay technology into its online and mobile banking platforms using PSCU’s Solution APIs. Integrating APIs into Schools Financial systems enables enhanced control of the member experience, consistent branding across all platforms and touch points, improved security for the member and the credit union, and real-time sharing of financial data across all solutions. PSCU’s Data eXchange API allows real-time sharing of data across the credit union’s online banking, mobile banking, collections and branch systems, while the Bill Pay API allowed for a consistent bill pay experience whether the member was online or on a mobile device.

Working with the credit union’s online banking and mobile provider, Access Softek, PSCU’s Integration Services team provided the guidance and feedback to link these different systems together and ensure the implementation was seamless for the credit union and its members. This was the first API integration for Access Softek with PSCU and was driven by Schools Financial’s desire to provide an enhanced mobile experience. In addition, PSCU offered Schools Financial’s third-party providers access to, which provides a sanctioned, structured process to access PSCU’s technical resources. The site enables partners to manage integration activities directly, without the need for coordination and intervention from the credit union.


Schools Financial and its members are pleased with the functionality and fit of the PSCU Bill Pay solution, both online and on the mobile platform. Members are enjoying the ability to set up new payees, track new eBills and manage payments through a new tab of the familiar online and mobile experience. According to Courtney Troy, eServices Manager at Schools Financial, the integration could not have gone more smoothly: “Working with PSCU’s Integration Services team was very easy. They were very knowledgeable and helped us set up exactly what we needed.”

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Todd Akin

Todd Akin

Todd Akin manages the Integration Services team created in 2016 and is responsible for ensuring that PSCU is leading the credit union industry with APIs and single sign-on options. The ... Web: Details