Why your credit union should be more fired up about inbound marketing!

There’s a variety of topics that get me fired up pretty quickly, and thankfully I get to actually work with two of these subjects every single day! So here’s what we believe about Credit Unions and Inbound Marketing

First, we believe that there is a better place for people’s money… and that place is in a Credit Union. And clearly YOU believe that too!

Second, we believe that there is also a better way to get THIS message to the right people at the right time… and THAT better way is through Inbound Marketing & Sales.

So let me break this down for you a bit more.

Credit Union Marketing & Sales MUST change in order to be effective. So here’s what your CU marketing efforts SHOULD look like:

  1. Marketing shouldn’t interrupt people.
  2. It shouldn’t waste their time or your resources.
  3. Your message shouldn’t fall on deaf ears.
  4. These marketing efforts should bring new CU members TO you rather than you having to search them out.
  5. It should provide benefits to potential new members BEFORE trying to sell them a single product or service.
  6. Your marketing and sales should set Credit Unions apart from more traditional financial institutions like banks, where consumers are just numbers on a page.

Now this kind of marketing approach might sound like it was made for Credit Unions, and the reason is because Inbound Marketing and CUs fit PERFECTLY together. Community banks are authentic businesses that were created to benefit their member-owners. CUs do not have to pretend to care… They really DO CARE! So what you have to say will resonate with your target audience.

You just have to get the right message in front of the right person, at the right time!

Having spent most of my life surrounded by Credit Union people (both parents work for CUs), I have seen and continue to see the industry struggling with strategic marketing and sales best practice. Credit Union budgets and know-how just aren’t keeping up with big banks.

It’s time for CU’s approach to marketing and sales to evolve with the changing times. Are you with me?

Meredith Olmstead

Meredith Olmstead

Meredith Olmstead is the CEO and Founder of FI GROW Solutions, which provides Digital Marketing & Sales services to Community Financial Institutions. With experience working with FIs in markets of ... Web: www.figrow.com Details