Credit Union Marketing: To do good or…

What is the purpose of your marketing for your credit union? Is it to get a new loan or is it to change someone’s life? Is it for your bottom line or for your members? Let these facts sink in:

  • 80% of divorces are caused by financial problems
  • Leading cause of dropping out of college: financial stress
  • 13.4% of suicides are due to financial stress

“So what can I do about that?” Your credit union has the products, the service, and the knowledge to help make an impact on these numbers. Think about your latest pitch. Is it rate driven or is it message driven? Is it answering the consumer’s “What’s in it for me?”

According to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, marketers are expected to spend $540 billion dollars globally on advertising in 2015. What kind of difference could you have in your community if you committed to use your slice of that huge amount to educate people about the effect your products and services could have on their lives?

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