CUInsight Minute with Linda Lafortune – June 3, 2022

Our favorites from the week in sixty seconds

Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Director of Learning & Client Support Linda Lafortune with our favorite reads from the week.


Real-time payments without borders  


In April 2022, EBA Clearing, SWIFT, and The Clearing House announced their plan to launch a pilot service for immediate cross-border payments with the support of banks from both sides of the Atlantic. Twenty-four financial institutions are contributing, and the pilot service will launch at the end of this year.  (Read more)

Improve your member experience with a data-driven approach


Today, Credit Unions are working to adjust to an all-data-driven approach to drive business growth and improve service for Members. And while digitalization has taken hold in nearly every industry, many Credit Unions are still struggling to transform raw data into actionable insights. (Read more)

Credit unions and the automatic stay


We’re all taught to stop, drop, and roll when it comes to catching fire, but we’re not always taught to stop and freeze all collection activity when it comes to a member who has declared bankruptcy. However, this is a vital and necessary practice for credit unions and their collections department. In this blog, I’ll cover why your credit union needs to watch out for bankruptcy filing notices and what it should do if it receives one. (Read more)

Linda Lafortune

Linda Lafortune

Linda is the Director of Learning & Client Support at CUInsight.  She has an extensive background in the credit union industry having worked in both large and small credit unions, in ... Web: Details