CUInsight Weekly Minute with Robbie Young – August 26, 2022

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Welcome to the CUInsight Minute, sixty seconds from our Associate Publisher Robbie Young with our favorite reads from the week


The data, GWLN and its role to bridge the gender gap


A few days before the GWLN Forum during the 2022 World Credit Union Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, the World Economic Forum released the Global Gender Gap 2022 report. This is the annual index which examines four dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. It’s the longest-standing index which tracks progress towards closing these gaps over time since its inception in 2006.

Three hundred plus pages reviewing 145 countries. What does the data show? [read more]

Use in-house training resources to grow staff skill sets


Employee retention remains a significant challenge for credit unions and most businesses. Even as inflationary pressures and recession fears have mounted this summer, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment remained at a low 3.6 percent, and there are only 0.5 people available for every one open position. These statistics demonstrate that the marketplace has opportunities available for those looking to change jobs.

This is one of the many reasons retention of your team should remain an important objective. Offering personalized training opportunities is one strategy managers can use to maintain or improve staff retention rates [read more]

Reinventing loyalty programs by leveling up your mobile banking


Building loyalty with customers is an essential facet of operating a financial institution, though the process of doing so ebbs and flows over time. Best built around symbiosis between institution and customer, loyalty is beneficial for both parties, though it begins by serving the needs of your members. As banking (and everything else) becomes digitized, meeting the needs of members becomes simultaneously simplified and complicated. To help financial institutions best meet the modern needs of today’s technologically-minded members, as well as build loyalty with them, Zogo provides incentivizing, rewarding education that enhances your existing mobile app offerings in numerous ways, and loyalty is the name of the game. With increased member activity on our minds, our loyalty implementation is a simplistic way to keep your members engaged on your mobile banking app.[read more.]

Robbie Young

Robbie Young

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