CUNA Credit Union Board School: Introduction & Designation offers important board development

Investing in the development of both new and experienced board members is key to driving success in the boardroom and, in turn, the credit union. CUNA Credit Union Board School: Introduction & Designation, a new CUNA board program held in Savannah, Ga., will feature separate tracks to meet the needs of both established board members and newcomers to the role.

“Each credit union board is unique and has unique needs” said Katherine Fischer, instructional design manager for CUNA. “This new school will help meet the needs of all board members and will give them knowledge that will be used in every step of their role’s journey.”

Attendees of the Introduction track (June 12-14) will gain the foundational knowledge every board member needs to know: governance, strategic planning and credit union financials. Track completion allows them to earn the CUNA Credit Union Board Financial Literacy Certificate, which meets the NCUA requirements for board financial literacy.

By attending the Certification track (June 12-16), more experienced board members will work to earn their prestigious Certified Credit Union Board Member (CCUB) designation. This is the only in-person event where this designation can be earned and allows attendees to dive deeper into the requirements of the role.


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