Curtailing the flight of the contact center agent

Maintaining a high standard of service has never been more important for financial institutions, and contact centers play a pivotal role in this ecosystem, often being the first point of contact for members. However, the increasingly high attrition rate within contact centers presents a pressing challenge.

According to SQL:

With such low unemployment, agent job dissatisfaction, and the WFH model making it easy for agents to job-hop, it is no surprise that call center turnover is high. The average call center agent turnover was 35% in 2021 and 38% in 2022, which is the highest rate we have ever seen…It is very likely that in 2023, agent turnover will remain high.

At SWBC, we recently took a deep dive into this issue by conducting a competitive study with Communication Strategies. Our goal was to identify the top factors contributing to contact center turnover.


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